Welcome to Real Bodies

Real Bodies is a Personal Training facility devoted to providing one-on-one individual training. We offer flexible and creative solutions to fit your time constraints and budgetary needs.

At Real Bodies we believe that everyone deserves to learn the skills necessary to manage their own health and fitness. With that in mind, we provide a variety of classes and personal training options that allow you to take charge of your path to improved health and fitness with the level of guidance you need.

Spin and Yoga classes along with Personal Training offer the balanced approach to health that can fulfill your fitness needs. And should you need a little extra care our Certified Athletic Therapist can assist you with any pain or injury that might be hindering your fitness progress.

Real Bodies building a stronger healthier community one client at a time.

A Real Bodies Success Story

Kirstie’s Success Story

GolferAn active lifestyle including golf had always been an important part of my life. After two unfortunate accidents I was left with two herniated discs in my back and a prognosis that included surgery and an end to my beloved golf. I soon felt like I had become an observer instead of a participant in many of my favourite activities, even shopping or sitting in the car was too uncomfortable. In an effort to avoid surgery I explored as many alternative treatments as possible with little success. Fortunately for me I discovered Bill Farthing. After some deep tissue work and a program of stretching Bill provided me with a training program that with careful consistent work strengthened my back. The results have been amazing. I am golfing at a level better then in my youth and everyday life is enjoyable again.