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Real Bodies is a Personal Training facility devoted to providing one-on-one individual training. We offer flexible and creative solutions to fit your time constraints and budgetary needs.

At Real Bodies we believe that everyone deserves to learn the skills necessary to manage their own health and fitness. With that in mind, we provide a variety of classes and personal training options that allow you to take charge of your path to improved health and fitness with the level of guidance you need.

Along with Personal Training we offer a multitude of fitness classes including spin, yoga and circuit training to balance your fitness needs. Should you need a little extra care, our Certified Athletic Therapist can assist you with any pain or injury that might be hindering your fitness progress. For athletes and sports team we offer both individual and team training to take enhance your athletic performance.

Real Commitment

Our clients come to us with trust in the knowledge and skills that we can provide them with the best opportunity to reach their goals. Our commitment is to continue to seek out the best and most effective methods to help them get there. Continued education through world-class leaders such as the CHEK Institute and Poliquin Performance assist us to meet those expectations.

Location: 282 Main Street North, Suite 100, Uxbridge, ON

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Phone:(905) 862-3881
Email: info@realbodiesfitness.com

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Personal Training

At Real Bodies we are all about personal training that addresses the individual health, fitness and athletic goals of our clients. Whether your desire is to improve your general fitness, to train for increased sport performance or to rehab after an injury, we have the knowledge and tools to assist you.


Real Spin

Real Bodies Real Spin Classes are for everyone. Indoor cycling is a low impact, high energy and an incredible fun way to get your cardio workout. As a rider you have control of the resistance and pedal speed making every class just right for you.